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Globalshield provides a tailor-made solution to your clients’ need to protect the welfare of their employees at work, home or working abroad.


What is commercial personal accident & travel insurance?

Personal accident and business travel insurance is a type of commercial cover designed to protect businesses and self-employed enterprises, sole traders and freelancers in the event of an accidental injury or illness.

Who Needs Group Personal Accident & Illness Insurance?

Your clients’ business is dependent on the quality of their employees. If they are injured or fall ill – your client will need to ensure that the firm is protected and able to make lump sum payments and also be able to pay on-going salaries whilst they engage temporary replacements.
Your clients’ employees may also have to be sent abroad for business or are sent into higher risk countries for their work.
It’s important to protect your client, their

 employees’ and their dependents with the right cover.Typically sold in conjunction with Combined Commercial Property and Liability insurance packages – it is a vital component of business interruption cover. The vast majority of companies understand the necessity of business interruption on equipment, premises, IT systems and the like – but many fail to insure their main asset – their people!!
GlobalShield provides that cover!

Why is Group Personal Accident & Illness Insurance Important?

A financial safety net if your employees endure accidental injury or death or suffer short-term accident or illness and need to be in receipt of their ongoing salary and/or medical issues whilst travelling abroad.

Without proper group personal accident and business travel insurance policy, you could end up paying out of pocket for on-going wages in order to retain your key staff or pay expensive medical bills for employees to have them treated and then repatriated home.

Cover is especially important for small businesses and sole traders, since it can be harder for such companies to absorb unexpected impacts. If the business couldn’t survive without key team members, personal accident cover is an important consideration.

How much cover is needed?

Your client can set any value for their personal accident cover – either on a fixed pre-agreed lump sum amount or as a multiple of annual wages. This can differ between departments, with directors on one level with engineers, drivers and the like on another level.
The amount that is selected is how much we’ll pay the firm as a lump sum if someone is permanently injured by an accident and cannot work ever again as a result, so the best value depends on the nature of the business.
How much personal accident cover is needed will come down to how much disruption you predict it would cause to your client – if they or their staff could no longer do their work. Also consider how much financial support you think they would need to bolster their business during those times.

The Policy

The policy will provide payments if insured employees are totally or partially disabled by an accident or illness, or if the accident results in death, loss of limbs or eyes. We can also provide a separate group death in service product.
This cover can be arranged in many different ways, usually a multiple of salary or fixed lump sum in the event of death and capital benefits.
The operative time will determine when the employee is protected and this can be set on a 24-hour basis, occupational accidents only, occupational accidents including commuting to work or purely whilst on a business trip.
Unlike liability policies, negligence does not need to be established before the benefit can be paid. This means the policy can respond quickly, providing benefit when it is most needed.

The benefit is paid to the policyholder and not the injured party and could help towards covering additional staff costs such as overtime or pay for additional staff training or recruitment to cover the absence caused by the accident.
Business travel cover provides protection against death, injury and illness whilst travelling including any emergency medical expenses and repatriation. In addition, it will provide cover for:

  • Loss of or damage to personal possessions
  • Loss of money and fraudulent misuse of cards
  • Travel delays
  • Cancellation or curtailment

There is then a maximum limit for any one event occurring at the same time which is typically a maximum of £10,000,000.



  • In instances of accidental death and dismemberment or accidents resulting in loss of life, limb, or eyesight, the beneficiary receives up to the policy limit – either pre-defined or from x2 to x5 their annual salary.
  • Covers permanent total dismemberment or disability that prevents the insured from working after 12 months without hope of improvement.
  • Up to 100% of the employee’s weekly salary for accidental and illness disablement that temporarily prevents the insured from working.
  • Medical expenses and hospitalisation resulting from an accident and illness
  • Medical evacuation to a more suitable facility if adequate medical assistance is not immediately available
  • In some cases, travel expenses will also be paid for repatriation to the employee’s home country
  • War and terrorism coverage to protect against the risks of civil unrest, war, and acts of terrorism 24/7 coverage while your personnel are overseas
  • Flexible group personal accident and illness insurance plans for groups at competitive rates.


  • Travel to countries where the Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office has issueda warning.
  • Losses due to war or terrorism from specified countries – currently Afghanistan, Belarus, Iran, North Korea, Russia, Syria, Ukraine, Venezuela (though this list may be subject to change at any time).
  • Pre-existing health conditions.
  • Hazardous sports.
  • Cancellation expenses arising from any pandemic or epidemic involving an infectious disease in humans, or from any coronavirus or mutation or variation of a coronavirus.

What to do next

If you want to discuss your client’s requirements then please contact us at

Phone: +44 (0) 20 7398 0100